1. Be prepared

  • Pupils are expected to have what they need as prescribed by the class teacher when coming to school/going home from school (books, stationery, etc)
  • Pupils are expected to wear the appropriate clothes. (school uniform or tracksuit)
  • Pupils are expected to bring a healthy lunch in keeping with the Healthy Eating Policy. ( crisps, chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks are strongly discouraged) Chewing gum is banned.
  • Pupils are expected to come to school with homework completed in line with the Homework Policy.

2. Be courteous

  • Pupils will ask permission in order to speak in class when someone else (teacher or pupil) is already speaking, or when silent work is in progress.
  • Pupils will ask permission to be excused from class, or to visit the toilet.
  • Pupils will express thanks or express sorrow at appropriate moments.
  • In the class line, while walking along the corridor, while entering or leaving the building, pupils will allow other people right of way.
  • Pupils will be courteous to all school visitors, and to the entire school staff.

3. Be respectful

  • Respect your own property and that of others;
  • Respect school property and building;
  • Respect books, copies, etc;
  • Respect the feelings of others;
  • Respect the opinions of others;
  • Respect other people’s space;
  • Respect differences.

4. Be safe

  • Only leave school grounds with permission;
  • Walk in orderly fashion in corridor and when entering and leaving school;
  • Bring concerns to attention of teacher or parent;
  • Avoid rough or dangerous play.