SPN recently took part in a national attendance campaign. The idea was not to miss a single one of the 20 school days in November. The idea is that a campaign like this would improve attendance for the rest of the year also. Children in Scoil Phadraig Naofa took the challenge seriously and we had an overall school attendance rate for the month of November of 94.7%. This is a fantastic rate and one we hope we can maintain throughout the year. Children  were encouraged with the promise of a little reward if they managed the 20 days. 366 pupils managed to hit the target and received a homework pass and a sugary treat! We also had a poster campaign from 1st-6th class where pupils were asked to design a poster with the slogan “Every School Day Counts”
The standard was out of this world and choosing a winner at each class level was a seriously difficult task. The winners at each class level were
1st Class: Zach Clancy
2nd Class: Zarah Lawton
3rd Class: Calib Hubbock
4th Class: Maria Synkiewicz
5th Class Laura Juszkiewicz
6th Class Joint Winners: Ellen Howard and Xander Pereira
Each child received an artist drawing pad and some colours as their prize. 
The class with the best attendance was changing week by week but the overall winner at the end of the month was Mr Costigan’s class and Ms McDonald’s 3rd class. They will soon be going to Athy college to watch a movie in the cinema room and receive hot food afterwards. Well deserved!
Well done to all children and families for the effort they made and keep up the good work. 
Thank you to Ms Foy for organising this initiative and encouraging all pupils to improve their attendance. You can see the winning entries in the slideshow below.


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