The Parents’ Council Cake Sale will take place on Friday 26th April from 1:00pm – 3:15pm.

The Cake sale is one of the Parents’ Council’s main fundraising events and this year all the funds raised will go towards the cost of subsidising School Tours for your family. 

Cakes, buns, confectionary, etc. can be left into our school hall on the afternoon of Thursday 25th April from 1:20pm – 3pm or on the morning of Friday 26th April from 8:30am. 

On the day our Parent Council will also be running a Raffle and have tea and coffee facilities available

All payments and contributions will have to be made using Cash as we will not have a digital payment option. 

We thank you all for you support and cooperation and remind you that all the money raised will go towards enhancing your child’s experience in SPN.