Play therapy is an effective and suitable intervention for children of all ages who are experiencing a wide variety of social, emotional and behavioural problems. It is an extremely useful way to help children recover and heal from stressful and traumatic experiences. Play therapy provides a safe, confidential and caring environment which allows a child to play with as few limits as possible, but as many as deemed necessary to enable them to express themselves safely and understand their feelings (of sadness, anger, frustration) without the need for an explanation. The child makes all their decisions in the playroom and the therapist follows their lead. In doing this, they release repressed emotions and gain control over other emotions. This sense of control helps self confidence grow and boosts positive self esteem.

An external play therapist calls to our school once a week and takes specific children for an individual session of approximately one hour. Play therapy is provided free of charge to the family and is solely attended by the particular child in need. It aims to work through emotional and behavioural issues in an informal setting with each child. The course usually last for about 10 weeks and takes children who are recommended by the class teacher or home school liaison officer.