Bradbury’s Irish School Meals

1st – 6th class only

At the beginning of the school year, every child in 1st Class to 6th Class will be provided with a Username and Password Sticker for Bradbury’s Irish School Meals.

Lunches are delivered each morning. If you wish to avail of these lunches, please log in on the following website and select your child’s lunch for each day:

  • one piece of fruit
  • sandwich option
  • 3 snacks


  • Drinks are not included.
  • Enter Username and Password exactly as it appears on the sticker you received.
  • Keep this sticker in a safe place at home if you need to make changes to your selected menu.
  • If your child wishes to cancel their lunch please select ‘Cancel All Lunches’ and save.
  • From the date of your on-line order, please allow 2 school days for the lunch order to come to the school.