May 2022

Following on from recent Risk Assessments carried out in relation to Child Protection and Health and Safety, Scoil Phádraig Naofa wishes to communicate some advice regarding good practice and recommended procedures. Some of the points below are only reminders of current procedures while others are new procedures being introduced.

Dropping and Collecting Children

When children are being collected it is vitally important that they know the routine parents have in place and the individuals collecting. Children should communicate such procedures with their teacher and for younger pupils parents should communicate with class teachers.

It is important that the school is made aware of any special circumstances with regard to collection of children.

Dropping, Parking and Collecting Tips:

  • Please refrain from stopping your car and dropping your son/daughter off at or near the pedestrian crossing, instead proceed to a safe area or the bottom car park. This should prevent traffic from backing up.
  • Only park in the designated areas and never park in areas which are for restricted for buses, drivers with permits or individuals with special access.
  • On exiting your car get your son/daughter to use the footpaths and designated pedestrian crossings.  Having children crossing roads from out behind parked cars is very dangerous practice.
  • Keep traffic moving in a one-way motion around the school campus. Drop/collect in a swift manner and be respectful of other drivers when entering and exiting.
  • Exercise patience. On wet or busy mornings be patient and expect slight delays.   
  • If you are parking in parking spaces adjoined to other schools please show respect to their rules and procedures.

 Always drive at a slow rate and in a careful, cautious and patient manner.